Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Salut To You!

The Flibbertigibbet begins,

The point of this blog has yet to be determined. If I can help it I might just keep it that way. The more chaos, the better. Why? It is easier for me to get away with whatever I wish of course!

Faux silver pots are whispering ill names behind me! They mock my silly moment craft of writing! "Hah!" I say to you pot! And "balderdash," and"confusticate you," and "wiigity bigggty boo!" [whatever these mean I do not know, but is this relevant? Not really, no. Then again..What is?! ]
Even relativity is relative! Take that Einstein. [His sneezing of course would probably defeat any argument that made, how dissapointing-this is probably due to the fact that it made no based argument at all.] At least the world may rest at ease when wondering what goes through my mind in hours past my sleep deprivation limit.

Is the world not glad to see what a high School education gets you? Just wait until I get through college. My genius will haunt the backward recordings of awful records that, unkown to you, lick your ears while you sleep at night. A result stimulated simutaneously from trying to escape the horrible memories of recent tea parties with an uppity frill-filled Aunt who was just as a overly affectionate as she was obese. And although you may have yelled and hollered at how awfull this was, she still [with out notice] incessantly pinched your cheeks into swelled tomatoes after shoving them with her special butter-nut cookies [a sour breed of home-made recipees gones wrong] for "princesses at tea only," not realizing you were a little boy, and therfore play very different games than that daughter she never had.
A note of advice I add to those in said predicament : take off the little miss muffet wig she shoved on your head, and she might remember you're not wearing a dress silkened with bows.

Now that you know what you're in for I will go back to my reading of The Hobbit [J.R.R. Tolkein obviously]

I hope you had happy fun brimming your brain with my billowing breadth of stercus tauri. :)

Merry making be with you all, save those horrid few with that aunt, may your night mares be less pinchy and plump,

Yours Truly.

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