Friday, January 8, 2010

Take Two:

Flibbertigibbet-ing continues,

I wonder what all you bloggers write about, I'm in quite a quandary in thinking about this. Eventually, I do hope, this will go somewhere and not sound like rolls of "blabberty blab blab, what the hell did she just say blab-ness." One of my better sentences I think. Clearly I should re-compose my future to write on blogging for...ever....ooooorrr never. [ but shh I never said never]. Blah.

I'm preparing a diploma in art, and hopefully a french and or international studies minor or something. It is difficult to do all these things I want to do. However I do plan to do them. I want to work in museums, and our local museum is re-opening in April which is when my school gets out, and I'm extremely excited about possibly volluneering there. If not I shall work at a tea room! I am determined! hahaha, sigh. I do know I should study more, because good grades mean nothing if my knowledge fails to stay with me......blasmgdmlah mlah mlah mlah. I have a hard time finding the initiative and a much easier job of wishing I had it and were dding it.

OHP! five minutes [not that you can tell a time change in text format] I must stop my steaming tea pot! Then fill my cup with black chai delciousness. [what is a good synonym for delcious, I feel less than intelligent using it now that fergie made that song "fergilicious, and destiny's child had "bootylicious", the word has lost it's charm to me, for certain of this I am.

[spends continued time after dealing with tea-yumnums to look up synonyms]

This is the compiled list of my favorite synonyms for delcious [in case anyone else suddenly shares my random distatste for this previously exciting but now thrown to exile word]

And the candidates are: toothsome, scrumptious, tasteful, nectarous, enticing, exquisite, divine, choice, ambrosial [yay Mt. Olympus], dishy, succulent, tantalizing, and lastly- but not leastly- delectable.

There were several others but I thoguht these were most related to the desired use of delcious, although terms like peachy, spiffy, fetching, and hunky-dory all have their individual and appropriate charms as well.
They can be runner-ups for use in metaphorical situations.

I love words is that so strange, I got myself a calendar for the new year that has 365 days of new words titled :forgotten english! Im beyond ecstatic about this, I might share those with you, if you care as much as I about words. I feel like my language is not exuberant enough for as much as I am talking about lmy fondness for them - at least as the moment stands. OH WELL.

I have no clue what else to tell you just now, other than your mother is a herring and your father smells of elderberry.

With those choice and delectable words I bid you adieu {sp?},
Till tomorrow?
oui, till then.

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  1. Nothing's wrong with liking strange words are wonderful. Share the words!

    And I really cannot believe, but you're more random than your brother which is...strangely refreshing. I must admit though, knowing that you want to study French only makes me envious since my Sixth Form French final is the only thing I've ever failed. I love the language, but I am professionally incapable of learning it, I'm sure.